Bringing neighbours together to unlock home energy improvements

Neighbourhood Warmth helps you explore and unlock home energy improvements by bringing neighbours together to coordinate action, access support and reduce costs.

Find out what’s already happening in your neighbourhood


neighbourhoods signed up so far


completed thermal imaging surveys

£55 a year

estimated household energy savings

5890 tonnes

estimated national CO2 savings

How does it work?

Level 1: Someone in your neighbourhood signs up to be an Organiser.

This person sets up your neighbourhood page on Neighbourhood Warmth with local information. Based on this a goal is created - the group size needed to complete Level 2.

Level 2: A group of neighbours sign up for home energy assessments.

Depending on your personal and local situation, the cost of this may be reduced or completely covered by the council. Completing these assessments unlocks three pathways at Level 3.

Level 3: Neighbours opt in to a home energy improvement pathway: minor, major or deep retrofit.

The cost and timescales of these could vary depending on your situation and how many neighbours choose to collaborate.

Level 4: Neighbours sign up to be Organisers for one or more pathways.

Many hands make light work, and each pathway needs at least two Organisers signed up to unlock Level 5.

Level 5: Organisers get the ball rolling on specific pathways.

For example, the first step on a deep retrofit pathway involves hiring a retrofit coordinator to guide neighbours through next steps. Organisers can access support from a national network of Organisers and trusted organisations to help navigate these final steps towards becoming a warmer neighbourhood.