Postcode to Constituency Tool

This tool converts a column of GB postcodes into a column of new (2024) constituencies.

Paste a column from Excel or Google Sheets into the left-hand box, and constituencies will appear in the right-hand box.

Copy these back to your spreadsheet, and you're done. For more complex approaches, use MapIt, or download the source data.

This all happens on your own computer, the postcodes are not sent to our server.

More information

  • This tool was made by mySociety - subscribe to our mailing list for information about our other tools and services
  • This tool is making our postcode lookup file accessible in a browser - this is available to download.
  • This tool does not work for postcodes in Northern Ireland due to licensing issues - Mapit and its spreadsheet converter can be used for Northern Ireland postcodes.
  • Postcode lookups are not accurate for all addresses - on (rare) occasions different addresses in the same postcode are in different constituencies.
  • This lookup may be inaccurate for postcodes created in the last year.