Local authority climate plans metadata

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Online location and basic description of contents of LA climate action plans



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Table: Local authority climate plans metadata


Online location and basic description of contents of LA climate action plans

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Data description

Column name Data type Description Unique Required values
local-authority-code string 3/4 letter code for local authority (see https://mysociety.github.io/uk_local_authority_names_and_codes/) No
council string Name of council No
search_link string Link used to search for plans No
url string URL of plan No
date_retrieved string Date plan was retrieved No
time_period string Time period covered by plan No
type string Type of document (might be a plan, pre-plan, a strategy, a report, etc) No
scope string Does the plan cover the whole council or just council operations? No
status string Status of plan (e.g. adopted, in progress, etc) No
homepage_mention string Does the council homepage mention the plan? No
dedicated_page string Does the council have a dedicated page for the plan? No
well_presented string Is the plan well presented and easy to read? (free text by volunteers) No
baseline_analysis string Does the plan include a baseline analysis of emissions? No
notes string Notes on plan (free text by volunteers) No
plan_due string When is a plan due? No
title string Title of plan No
title_checked string Has the title been checked? (internal use) No
plan_path string Path to plan - use with https://data.mysociety.org/datasets/cape-action-plans-text/ No
file_type string File type of plan No
country string Four nations of UK No Scotland, England, Wales, Northern Ireland
gss_code string GSS code for local authority No
county string County of local authority No
population number Population of local authority (2020) No
website_url string URL of council website No
twitter_url string URL of council Twitter account No
twitter_name string Name of council Twitter account No
last_update string Date of last update to council data No
region string Region/nation of local authority No Scotland, South East, North West, East Midlands, East of England, Yorkshire and The Humber, South West, West Midlands, Wales, London, North East, Northern Ireland
local-authority-type-name string Type of local authority No Scottish unitary authority, Non-metropolitan district, Metropolitan district, Unitary authority, Welsh unitary authority, Combined authority, County, City corporation, London borough, NI district, Strategic Regional Authority
county-la string County council associated with local authority No
combined-authority string Combined authority of local authority No

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