Citizens Assembly Register

Version: 0.4.1. This is the latest version. See all versions.


Dataset of known citizen assemblies in the UK and their reports.

See the GitHub page for instructions on adding new data.

This dataset itself is licenced as CC-BY-4.0 - cached versions of reports may be licenced in different ways.



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Table: Citizens Assembly Register


Basic dataset of known UK citizens assemblies

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Data description

Column name Data type Description Unique Required values
unique_id string A unique ID for the assembly to match against other datasets. This is a slugified version of the assembly name and year. Yes
authority_type string The type of public authority (or other actor) that ran the assembly No Local Authority, NHS, Nation, Other
local_authority_code string For local authorities, the three letter code from No
org_name string Name of organisation that hosted the assembly No
url string Link to an official page about the assembly No
report_pdf_url string Link (as direct as possible) to a PDF of the assembly report No
faciliator string Organisation that faciliated/ran the assembly No
assembly_status string Whether the assembly is ongoing or finished No Finished, Ongoing
assembly_year integer When the assembly started (some may run for multiple years) No 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023
number_participants number Number of participants in the assembly No
assembly_description string A short description of the assembly Yes
thematic_grouping string A broad thematic grouping for the assembly No
source_notes string Rough notes on any issues finding the assembly data No
data_source string If this information was found during a particular org's research No InvolveTracker2021, mySocietySearch
licence_notes string Notes on creative commons (or other) licence, or copyright notices No
cached_report_url string A link to a cached version of the report PDF in this archive. No

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